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  • 2028 Partnership System

    Each MORN group or team will develop into an independent entity which has its own core products and independent brand; the entity will adopt partnership system and cross-shareholding will exist among all entities; MORN will grow into a cross-industry, transnational international entity group, to fulfill more dreams of MORN members.
  • 2022 Intensive Cultivation

    Relying on customer service center and years of data accumulation, MORN will strive to create intelligent machinery, making “MORN Made” serve global market in a safer, smarter and more user-friendly way.
  • 2018 Customer Service Center

    MORN GROUP entered Qisheng Mansion of High-Tech Zone, Jinan, and set up a professional customer service center. Overseas warehouses were built in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia, Philippines and Dubai. Meanwhile MORN took full advantage of B2B and B2C platforms including Alibaba, Made-in-China, Amazon, AliExpress and eBay to promote the localization of customer service.
  • 2017 Brand Internationalization

    With the marked increase of brand value, MORN brand has been currently protected in more than 80 countries around the world. Overseas service centers were established in the United States, Argentina, Israel, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.
  • 2016 Industry Standard

    As the leader of the industry standards, MORN standardized the development of the industry. And Shandong GEM Machinery Co., Ltd was established by MORN to guide and standardize the lifting platform industry norms, to delineate development routes for the featured products.
  • 2015 Custom Service

    With the continuous expansion of R&D design and sales teams, and the creation of a customer service team, MORN was dedicated to providing professional custom services, improving product and service standards, and providing reference for the formulation of industry standards.
  • 2014 MORN Business School

    MORN Business School was established in this year. MORN also cooperated with colleges and universities by establishing internship and employment bases to create new force for the export of made-in-China products, which indicated that the company culture has taken root in campuses.
  • 2013 Overseas Agents

    MORN products have been exported to more than 130 countries. The company carried out top-down management reforms and production optimization, and actively supported foreign agent dealers with the best product quality, reliable service and competitive prices, to provide global customers with more convenient pre-sales and after-sales services.
  • 2012 Factory Expansion

    After years of development, the company added 7 over 3,000 square meters production workshops, 55 senior engineers and almost 100 professional salespersons. By taking “MORN Made, Quality Made” as the mutual responsibility and concentrating on infrastructure and talent pool construction, all members worked jointly to make sufficient preparations for the brand extension of MORN.
  • 2011 MORN GROUP Formation

    MORN GROUP was officially founded. Optical fiber CNC products and lift platforms were determined as the major business development direction of MORN.
  • 2010 Scientific Research Initiation

    MORN established laser machine manufacturing factory to focus on industrial laser equipment development and manufacturing. MORN also recruited more than 20 technical engineers of optical fiber and CNC field, and built scientific research cooperation with colleges and universities in China. In this year MORN Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was built as an independent company specializing in granite precision measuring tools and mechanical parts manufacturing and sales.
  • 2009 Brand Registration

    MORN GROUP was registered in Hong Kong, and the brand “MORN” was successfully registered. MORN paid more attention to brand promotion and business development driven by brand.
  • 2008 Company Establishment

    Jinan MORN Technology CO., Ltd was established, specializing in the development and manufacturing of laser equipment. A hydraulic lift manufacturing factory was also built to focus on the development, manufacturing, sale and service of all kinds of aerial lift platforms.