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Laser Product Update

  • 2017

    After 9 years of research and development, MORN laser machine series have covered fiber laser metal marking machine and large-scale fiber laser cutting machine as well. These high-precision and fast-speed fiber laser machines have now become the major metal processing equipment.
  • 2016

    MORN CO2 laser and fiber laser business developed rapidly based on high quality and professional service. With the advantage of overseas warehousing, MORN laser products have won trust and support from global customers.
  • 2015

    MORN mini and large CO2 laser machines were updated again on quality, accuracy, working speed and appearance, and were popular among foreign customers. Fiber laser cutting and marking technology was successfully developed, and MORN fiber market was opened up. MORN laser products had been exported to over 130 countries and areas.
  • 2014

    MORN laser products took up a greater place in domestic and foreign markets. YAG laser cutting/marking products also received positive market feedback. And MORN introduced fiber laser machine manufacturing technology and sent engineers to overseas to learn advanced fiber laser equipment design and manufacturing.
  • 2013

    MORN expanded its production scale to YAG laser cutting and marking equipment production to meet the needs of the metal processing industry.
  • 2012

    MORN large CO2 engraving/cutting machine led by MT-L1390, MT-L1325 and MT-L960 came into market and meanwhile hot-sale MT3050D was updated to the third generation.
  • 2011

    More investment was put into laser product manufacturing, and MORN products extended to large and high-power CO2 laser engraving/cutting machine to meet diverse industrial needs.
  • 2010

    MORN laser products manufacturing technology was updated deeply. CO2 engraving machine family led by MT3050D was upgraded to the second generation with higher accuracy and speed, and is welcomed by domestic market and foreign market.
  • 2009

    MORN laser products got CE and FDA certificate and covered CO2 engraving/cutting/marking machine, plasma cutting machine, CNC router and YAG laser marking machine series.
  • 2008

    MORN first small CO2 laser machine was launched and soon became a hot model in global market with its compact shape, powerful performance and exquisite engraving results.
  • 2007

    Jinan MORN Technology, CO., Ltd was established, specializing in the production and sale of laser machines and CNC machines.